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There are some comic book heroes we know and love today that just can't be seen as anything other than badass. But even though they might be awesome and highly regarded now, this hasn't always been the case.

Some heroes who might rank among our favourites started out looking fairly ridiculous until their time came to be revamped. Other lesser or undervalued players have since been thrust forward into the spotlight for all to see and admire in a big way.

Characters can languish for years in obscurity before a new creative team is brought in to breathe fresh life into them, and they can do so in a wide variety of ways: from beefing up or clearly defining a hero's powers to dramatically altering their appearance and personality; re-writing their origins to make them more interesting or taking them off in a completely different direction.

When did Rocket Racoon become such a fan-favourite? Which time travelling superhero wasn't that popular with fans initially? What superheroes didn't have such super superpowers at first?

The following characters on this list have all gone through some pretty significant changes since their debut and are now certified badasses.