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10. Giant Alligators Live In The Sewer System - Alligator

10. Giant Alligators Live In The Sewer System - Alligator

Really, all horror movies are just campfire stories made tangible. Instead of a torch under some twerpy teenager's chin, we get studio lights blaring down on our grisly settings, transforming shadows on the wall into monstrous creatures that make for the most terrifying of tales.

So it makes sense that the horror genre borrows heartily from the stories that have already been whispered for generations. Urban legends - with stories from Candyman, to The Grudge, to of course, Urban Legend fitting the bill - are ripe for the picking when it comes to horror movies, since the mythos around them has already been steeped in our collective subconscious. Whether they're eerily familiar stories wrapped up in shiny new packaging, or age old classics spun into visual feasts for the senses, urban legends are absolutely the sinewy, rotting backbone of the genre.

And naturally, films become all the more scary when you take a look at the inspiration that makes them, especially when they come with one foot firmly planted in reality...