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13 Awful Movies With 1 Awesome Scene

It's easy to realise you're in the midst of a bad movie and just give up on it entirely, writing it off as irredeemably bad with poor writing, direction and acting infesting every single scene.

Sometimes, though, a bad movie has one standout scene, one action sequence, genuine character moment or death scene, that leaves viewers wishing it was in a better movie.

Though these films largely sucked, they at least got one scene pretty much note-perfect, almost jarringly so considering you'll probably want to watch these scenes in isolation on YouTube rather than ever actually sit through the entire movie again.

Even a broken clock is right twice a day, and though these movies largely have no grasp on what makes a great film, they did briefly stumble upon a flash of brilliance, probably by accident.

Here are 13 awesome movies with one awesome scene...