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In media today there’s more than one way to tell a story. Words on a page, photos in a frame and scripts brought to life by talented actors all have the ability to tell a compelling tale.

The pokey medium of video games may well be the most fertile ground for narratives to be presented, however, as there are simply so many ways it can be done. Frequent cinematics to entice the film fan, environmental exploration for the most curious among us and decision-based adventures for those who find thrill in the agony of multiple choice.

When a game crafts a world rich with detail and a lovable cast of characters, words are often optional. Lengthy scripts can be replaced by innovative gameplay mechanics, and endless text bubbles scrapped in favour of atmospheric sound effects.

Building tension, offering emotion and adding a layer of uncertainty into otherwise stale stories without the use of words is not uncommon for these 10 games.

Note: While some games presented do have dialogue and writing in certain scenes, the power of the stories is enhanced without the use of words.