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Vince McMahon holds the fate of the WWE Network in his hands in a fashion not too dissimilar to the manner he did WCW back in 2001.

There, he was full of rhetoric and rhetorics regarding the Atlanta outfit and its potential value. Nearly two decades later, he could quite easily bin off a product he transformed his business model for just to watch the aftermath. He did it with human beings after all.

In letting George Barrios and Michelle Wilson go for what he perceived to be differences to irreconcilable to work through, McMahon said farewell to two colleagues deemed the most responsible for selling his risible product for more money than it had ever made before.

Fox and USA will pay over a billion total for both SmackDown and Raw and Barrios and Wilson's strategic vision helped make it so. And yet, aside from them appearing at Joey Janela's Spring Break 4 in the Clusterf*ck Battle Royal, it's probably not something wrestling fans will think too much more about.

At least not until McMahon has no choice to completely rethink the Network in their absence...