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Hello, and welcome to 10 Wrestlers Who Gambled On A New Catchphrase.

WhatCulture's resident catchphrase king Adam Wilbourn isn't included here - he's not a wrestler, he's Alan Partridge - but through sheer force of will and incorrigible personality, he is a successful gambler. He got "We are gathered here today" over.

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A catchphrase is - or should be - the opposite of impenetrable. They should be easy to understand, reflective of character, and in general an easy shortcut to generate a crowd reaction. Bret Hart's 'Best there is, best there was, best there ever will be' was an all-timer because it was a strong, clean, alliterative argument, the repetition of which worked to convince fans of his genius. "Suck it!" worked because can they say that? Edge and Christian's "For the benefit of those with flash photography..." was totally inspired because they became stars by working their own paparazzi.

They were all great.

Not to piss in their Mr. Chips, but even the demigods of pro wrestling were crap at Catchphrase...