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10 Wrestling Gimmicks Based On LIES!

Professional wrestling doesn't rely on truth.

As countless wrestlers repeatedly infer, there's nothing fake about how much it hurts falling on your back for a living, nor anything artificial about the damage the grind of the wrestling road does to your mental and physical wellbeing, but a predetermined fight having any sort of actual truth to it is often its undoing.

Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart had good matches with each other at the peak of their powers, but excellent ones with others. It spoke to their inability to connect effectively with each other on a personal level - their wars would have been exponentially better had their rivalry not mirrored the very real disdain behind the scenes. It works the other way too - Matt Hardy and Edge couldn't wage a personal war once they were being paid to do so on television - the need for communication implied an understanding that undermined the premise. Truth, as vital is it is in storytelling ordinarily, can damage all the key tenets of a wrestling rivalry, if not used with a delicacy virtually alien to those who tell the stories.

That's why it was best left unsaid by this lot...